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(510) 517-9859

Home renovation in North Oakland

Big project, but we learned a lot and it is pretty nice.

Link Sabiha and I got married

We make a good team.

Link AethLabs

Building web-based tools to support air pollution measurement devices.


Web design and development cooperative for social justice organizations.

Heartwood Cooperative Link

Co-working shop space for woodworkers.

Parker Street Cooperative Link

24-unit Berkeley housing cooperative with roof decks!

Move to Berkeley

Going west in search of progressive technotopia.

Snake Apartment

Noisy punk slow jams.

Rhode Island Indymedia Center

Myself and a couple friends attempted to start an indymedia center in Providence.


Freelance design and Drupal site building work for political organizations.

Move to Providence

Came for the art and music, stayed for the ... oh wait.

Link Wolves

Mathy post hardcore from four guys spread across New England.

Community Dialogue Project

I co-founded a group dedicated to helping out college community have productive conversations about race, gender, class, and privilege on campus.


I was the "director" of a free school within a hippie school.

Center for Commercial-Free Public Education Link

Internship in Oakland, CA

Link Community Council

I was an at-large representative and the chair of the Elections and Information committee.

Leadership Center Link

Supporting student leadership development.

Green Core

Environmental activism work-study program.

Hampshire College Link

Where to begin?


Improvised keyboard two-piece

Move back to Lancaster, PA

Even more strip malls!

Killara High School Link

Cricket, awkward social time, teaching myself how to make websites and pick locks.

Move to the suburbs of Sydney, Australia

Link Hempfield High School

Skateboarding, reading, and punk shows.

Centerville Middle School Link


Link Rohrerstown Elementary School


Link Lancaster Country Day School


Move to Lancaster, PA

Strip malls!

West Chester Friends School

French and biology in first grade.

"Homeschooled" for kindergarten

Tree houses, Legos, appliance demolition, and shaving cream-skating.

Born in southeastern Pennsylvania

Hello world