Sabiha & Erik have admitted that we really like each other.

After 5 years, we've learned a lot about each other, traveled together, helped each other through several major life transitions, and created Venn diagrams with our friend circles. We've practiced our problem solving, come to understand much about each of our upbringing and development, and further defined and articulated our values and goals. We've helped each other push forward our personal and professional projects and continued to encourage focus on the inspiration and endeavors that are most important.

Early on, we both knew there was something pretty special about our relationship as we quickly developed a pronounced level of comfort. Perhaps that shouldn't be surprising given that we met at a worker cooperative conference representing our respective social justice-focused graphic and web design shops and in a break-out session about applying our values to the work we do. For all the cooperatives with which we've been involved, this new one we are joining — with each other — might just be the most exciting yet.

Our plans

Gifts & Donations

We aren't pushy about gifts, but understand that some may want to express their love in that way. If you would like to help us set up our new home together, check out our wish list here.

In honor of a relationship based in feminist values, Sabiha and Erik invite you to make a donation to Narika — an organization working to organize, mobilize, and actively support women and families of our diverse communities to live violence-free, healthy lives. You can donate to Narika here.